3 Tools to Make Life Easier for Automotive Service Industry Professionals

tools and software for automotive service industry professionals

Automotive technicians are in higher demand than ever before. In a changing industry, most service techs are grateful whenever they can get an edge over the competition—a tool or piece of information that can make them better at their jobs, better salesmen, better mechanics. If you work in the automotive service industry, this probably sounds familiar.

BG has developed a series of innovative tools that fit the bill perfectly. In today’s post, we’ll be going over three tools that we believe all service techs and professionals in the automotive service industry can benefit from. These tools not only make day-to-day life easier for technicians, but can often help make sales and ensure that customers are treated fairly, feel satisfied, and come back to your shop for all their automotive needs.

Let’s get started with the very popular BG SmartVMA app:

bg truvideo app for automotive service professionals

#1 – BG SmartVMA

VMA stands for Virtual Maintenance Advisor. The BG SmartVMA software provides service techs with personalized maintenance recommendations for their customers. It’s fast, intuitive, and increases the likelihood of a sale.

The recommendations provided by the SmartVMA software aren’t just generalized suggestions either—they’re fully personalized to the customer/vehicle in question. For example, the software takes into account the make, model, mileage, and even the maintenance and repair history of the vehicle. Service techs can also input further inspection data into the app. This results in incredibly accurate maintenance suggestions quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about the BG SmartVMA app, please read our post Why Automotive Shops Need to Upgrade to BG SmartVMA to Keep Up With the Competition where you’ll learn more about this groundbreaking software and why so many auto shops have started using it.

#2 – TruVideo

The BG TruVideo app gives service technicians a new and arguably much better way to communicate with their customers. The TruVideo app allows a service tech to video record the issues found during a multi-point inspection (or any other inspection, really). That video can then be edited as necessary, either cutting out unneeded bits or adding in new ones. Once complete, the video can be sent to a customer via text or email. Instead of telling customers about a problem, you’ll actually get the opportunity to show them, no matter where they are. The app also includes a notification system to let you know if the customer has seen the video or not.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Check out our post Building Customer Trust With the BG TruVideo App to learn more about how this app helps automotive service professionals connect with their customers to build lifelong relationships.

bg smartvma

#3 – A Great Education From BG University

BG University classes are available all over the world. The program utilizes a top-down approach to training. Attendees are trained in such a way that they can take the knowledge they’ve acquired during the classes and then train other service techs back at home—meaning that shop owners don’t have to send their entire team out at once, or send techs out to classes one by one.

One of the major benefits of BG University is that it teaches students not only how to use BG products and equipment, but why they should be in the first place, which is information that they can then convey to customers. More on this in a moment. It’s important to understand that this helps improve the service technician’s confidence in the services and products they’re offering, which will become evident to the customers they interact with. It’s a holistic, all-inclusive approach to product and service training.

BG University packs a lot of information into a few days and results in service technicians that aren’t just better at their job—they’re better at explaining to customers why they should be hired to do that job in the first place.

To discover more about BG University and why some attendees have reported it to be an extremely rapid-yet-effective form of training, read our post How BG University Works and Why it Works so Well: A Year’s Worth of Experience in 5 Days.

Learn More About Running a Successful Business in the Automotive Service Industry With Help From BG

BG is dedicated to helping automotive service professionals become the best they can be at their jobs. Whether that’s with excellent products, shop equipment, training, or technology, BG is the leg up you need over the competition. If you aren’t already, consider becoming BG certified, a valuable training experience that shows your customers that you’re prepared to offer them the best that BG has to offer. And, of course, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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