3 Ways You Can Ensure Your Cooling System Is Ready for Summer

Roadside breakdowns are a hassle, and even diligent car owners can fall subject to the tribulations that plague car owners when spring turns to summer each year. A myriad of ailments can contribute to a cooling system malfunction, which is why we have outlined below the easiest, most cost-effective methods of automobile cooling system maintenance and upkeep. Car owners shouldn’t have to pay the price for an issue that could be easily fixed pre-emptively.

1. Use Antifreeze

The parts each car packs under the hood are quintessential for the vehicle to run properly, which is why changes in the weather can cause serious damage to the functionality of any vehicle. Corrosion, acid contamination, and foaming are all possible inconveniences that can damage the functionality of a number of pieces of equipment under the hood of your car, including the engine. Using BG Universal Coolant/Antifreeze allows for car owners to maintain the safety and functionality of all their cars parts by defending against corrosion, foaming, and acid contamination, among other things. Selecting antifreeze that promises long-lasting durability for your cooling system is incredibly important, as it could be the difference between a healthy and non-healthy cooling system when summer comes around.

2. Try a BG Cooling System Service

Coolant is a wonderful protector of engine functionality, but over time, if the coolant is not replaced, the substance can become corrosive and damaging. It no longer serves its purpose in protecting the engine against the various weather/temperature fluctuations the vehicle may experience. Rather than wasting time exchanging the coolant for new coolant, utilize a BG Cooling System Service to save time and hassle.

Making the investment of purchasing a BG Cooling System Service is widely considered to be worth the cash not only because it is time-saving and hassle-free, but also because it is a much more thorough method than doing it by hand.  The system installs the coolant through the radiator cap without air bubbles and doesn’t let new coolant mix with old coolant.

3. Be Sure that the Cooling System is Cleaned Frequently and Thoroughly

In order to continue to use a cooling system over a long period of time without needing costly and time-consuming repair or replacement, car owners should heavily consider how thorough and how frequent they take the time to clean their cooling system. In order for the engine to cool off in the boiling hot summer weather, it is necessary for its heat transfer surfaces to remain clear of harmful build up. The engine overheating is a very likely risk if the cooling system is not cleaned properly or often enough. Many car owners have turned to BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner because of its ability to remove any and all of this harmful build up to prevent an engine malfunction due to overheating. The cleaner is able to blast through oil, rust, and harsh mineral deposits to keep the engine’s heat transfer surfaces clear for coolant.

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