Why are Automotive Technicians in Such High Demand Now?

automotive technician education and training

Did you know that automotive technicians enjoy an unemployment rate less than half as much as everyone else? That’s because automotive technicians are in demand—really high demand, for reasons that we’ll discuss in a moment. If you’re considering a career in the automotive technician field, this post will help to give you a solid overview of the kinds of education, … Read More

What Causes Hard Shifting? Understanding & Maintaining Your Transmission

cause of hard shifting

Transmission problems have earned the reputation of being one of the most expensive car repairs that a driver can encounter, so if you experience what’s commonly called a “hard shift,” you might begin to worry that you’re in for a costly trip to the mechanic. Furthermore, transmission problems typically leave a vehicle immobile until repaired, which might require a tow … Read More

How Auto Shops Can Help Customers Prepare for Winter

how auto shops help customers prep for winter

As a member of the automotive service industry, the winter season presents a lot of unique opportunities, both to generate extra income and to better serve your customers. More than simple seasonal upsells, colder weather gives you the chance to help your customers prepare for winter. Whether that means assisting them in winterizing their vehicles, performing an important cooling system … Read More

How to Maintain Your Diesel EGR System & Improve Performance

maintain diesel egr system for improved performance

Replacing your diesel vehicle’s EGR cooler isn’t cheap—depending on your make, model, and local rates, prices for a basic removal and replacement can range from $500 to well over $1,500. Cost aside, the job is tedious and can take as long as 8 hours, even for a skilled technician, which means you’ll be out of a ride for at least … Read More

Loss of Power and Excessive Smoke? You Might Need a Dynamic Engine Restoration

bg services dynamic engine restoration service

As a result of advances in technology, emission control requirements, and new pressurization systems, modern vehicle engines run a lot hotter than their older counterparts. Older vehicles tended to run at around 180 degrees (Fahrenheit). Newer vehicles can run at 210 degrees and more. Even with year-round coolants, the amount an engine cools down during use is reduced. Furthermore, we … Read More

How BG Can Give Your Service Advisors Super Powers

If you’re in the automotive service industry, it wouldn’t at all be a stretch to say that your service advisors are one of the most important elements of your business. They are, after all, in the “front lines” with your customers—and if they can’t convince your customers that they do need that repair, upgrade, or maintenance service, you’re going to … Read More

Why Gasoline Quality is Inconsistent & What That Means for Your Car

When you get to the pump at the gas station, you probably do what everyone else does: fill up and get back on the road. But did you know that gasoline quality isn’t the same everywhere you go? This post isn’t going to be about which gas stations are the best—any such list should be given a skeptical eye because … Read More

Create Loyal Automotive Customers By Improving Trust & Transparency

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that “trust and transparency” isn’t a phrase commonly associated with the automotive industry. And you know what? It’s a real shame, because trust and transparency are two of the key elements of building a successful business (in the automotive industry or otherwise). At BG, our goal is shake up the old stereotypes about … Read More

Why You Need a Night Driving Kit

Whether you drive at night regularly or just on occasion, a night driving kit can make sure that you’re vastly safer if you happen to break down—especially if you travel in rural or underpopulated areas where you aren’t likely to be able to get help quickly. In today’s post, we’ll be discussing a few of the “must haves” for your … Read More