Is Your Car Battery Dash Light On? This is Probably Why

car battery dash light troubleshooting

It can be alarming anytime you see an unexpected light on your dashboard. The battery light in particular should catch your attention, since if your battery fails, you’re likely to be stranded! If you ever see it come on, make sure you investigate immediately using the tips we’ll discuss here today. Similar to our article What Does Your Check Engine … Read More

How Successful Automotive Service Shops Train Their Employees

auto shop employee management training

If someone were to ask you what your most valuable asset is as a business owner, what do you think you would tell them? Many business owners would say their customers. Some might say the quality of the service they provide. Still others would say their most valuable asset is the high quality products, tools, and equipment they have. While … Read More

4 Signs Your Power Steering System Will Fail Sooner Rather Than Later

warning signs power steering failure

Your power steering system is responsible for making your steering wheel easy to turn and responsive. If it goes out, you’ll be in for a real workout—making turns might require you to use quite a bit of physical exertion. This, as you might suspect, can be dangerous, especially for someone who has never driven a vehicle without power steering before. … Read More

How to Identify & Overcome Common Auto Repair Sales Objections

sales objections automotive industry

A sales objection is exactly what it sounds like—when a customer objects to something you’re trying to sell them, such as an automotive repair service or upsell. Sales objections are likely to be statements such as: “The price is too high.” “I can take my car somewhere else and have the repairs done for less.” “I don’t think I need … Read More

Considering Your First Electric Car? Here’s What You Need to Know in 2018

electric car buying guide

The last decade has seen a lot of pretty impressive improvements for electric cars. Perhaps that’s why a AAA study recently revealed that roughly 65 million Americans plan to purchase an electric vehicle for their next car purchase. If that describes you, or if you’re curious about why you may want to consider an electric car as your next vehicle, … Read More

7 Important Considerations to Think About Before Opening an Auto Repair Shop

important considerations before opening auto repair shop

Opening an auto repair shop is a huge undertaking. Having said that, it can be made a lot easier if you give it plenty of forethought and planning before the day of your grand opening. That’s why we’ve prepared these seven important considerations you should definitely think about before you open your own auto repair shop. Let’s take a look … Read More

How to Find a Replacement for Your Car Manual (And Why You Should)

how to replace car manual

Have you memorized what every warning light on your dashboard means? How about your recommended maintenance schedule? Do you know how to open the automatic windows manually? What about the ideal tire pressure? Oil weight? Engine size? Jump start requirements? You might know some of those things, but if you’re like most drivers, you don’t likely have them all memorized—and … Read More

The Secret Auto Service Providers Use to Reduce Employee Turnover Rate

how to reduce employee turnover in the automotive service industry

Have you ever had a great employee before? The kind that shows up on time (or early), works hard, and treats your customers with respect? …Have you ever had that employee leave for greener pastures, leaving you wondering why? You aren’t alone. There isn’t a single industry that doesn’t have to eventually deal with finding ways to reduce employee turnover … Read More

The Top 3 Most Commonly Forgotten Summertime Auto Maintenance Tasks

summertime automotive maintenance

It’s safe to say that summer has arrived. With outside temperatures rising, you’re probably well aware that your vehicle needs a bit of extra maintenance to stay on the road and keep you cool—but are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything? Most summertime maintenance advice has a lot to do with keeping your fluids topped off and how to keep … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Manual Transmission

manual transmission maintenance tips

If you drive stick, you’re part of an exclusive club. Believe it or not, studies have indicated that only 18% of Americans can drive a stick shift. For us car folks, that sounds crazy. A manual transmission gives you a ton of benefits. You have more control, better gas mileage, and often lower maintenance costs. Plus driving stick is fun. … Read More