A Guide to Ethical Upselling for Auto Service Providers

auto service upselling tips

Would you agree that upselling is important? Most business owners and managers think so—and it’s not just because upselling means earning more money. “Upselling” sometimes has a negative connotation for consumers. “Oh man,” they might think, “that’s when someone tries to sell you something extra you don’t need, right?” And the fact of the matter is, you can easily forgive … Read More

Customer Loyalty Programs for Auto Service Providers: Do They Work?

auto service provider customer loyalty programs

You see customer loyalty programs in many businesses across just about every different kind of industry. Why? Because, yes, they do work. As you might suspect, customer loyalty programs work very well within the auto service industry. In fact, we’d wager that they’re doubly important in an industry like ours because there’s so much competition. However, the customer experience you’re … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the Drive Belts in Your Vehicle

everything you need to know about vehicle belts

Have you ever heard a loud, banshee-like squeal from your vehicle? It was probably a drive belt. That’s the most common way to tell if there’s an issue with one of them—after all, you can’t really miss it—but what caused it in the first place? How do you fix it? Can you do it yourself, or do you need to … Read More

3 Signs Your Brakes Need Maintenance

With the functionality being so seemingly simple, brakes are often overlooked when it comes to car maintenance. Proper upkeep and maintenance of brakes, though, is quintessential to the safety and durability of the vehicle. Improper brake function can lead to fatal car accidents that can damage both the vehicle and the driver. Knowing when your brakes are ready for a … Read More

Fuel System Cleaner 101: Everything You Should Know

In every fueling system, gasoline isn’t the only substance that can accumulate and cause problems down the line. Contaminants and other substances can build up in fuel tanks, leaving car owners with damages that require costly repairs or replacement. Not properly cleaning out a car’s fuel injectors can also cause major problems with the functionality of the vehicle. In examining … Read More

3 Ways You Can Ensure Your Cooling System Is Ready for Summer

Roadside breakdowns are a hassle, and even diligent car owners can fall subject to the tribulations that plague car owners when spring turns to summer each year. A myriad of ailments can contribute to a cooling system malfunction, which is why we have outlined below the easiest, most cost-effective methods of automobile cooling system maintenance and upkeep. Car owners shouldn’t … Read More

The 5 Most Common Vehicle Repairs (Did You Forget #3?)

most common vehicle repairs

Earlier this year, the Car Care Council, a non-profit organization focused on consumer education, released a list of the most common vehicle repairs in partnership with auto industry research group IMR Inc. This kind of data presents us with an excellent opportunity to review the most often needed repairs so that you can be better prepared for what your vehicle … Read More

3 Ways Auto Service Providers Can Improve Customer Service & Inspire Loyalty

3 ways auto service providers can improve customer service

One of the first things in business most people learn is that you can’t make everyone happy—and if you can, you probably don’t have very many customers. But that sure doesn’t mean you can’t try to make everyone happy. In fact, it’s a great goal to have. What would it mean for your business if every last person that walked … Read More

The Top 7 Things You Must Know About Your Car Battery

The top 7 things you must know about your car battery

Most drivers tend to think about their vehicle’s battery after it fails. But since you’re here, you’re not like “most drivers.” Perhaps you already know that a little attention and minor-but-important regular maintenance can help keep your car battery going… because without it, you aren’t going anywhere. In this post, we’d like to explore seven of the most important things … Read More

The Real Annual Cost of Owning a Vehicle – And How to Lower It

The annual cost of vehicle ownership

Have you ever really thought about the actual cost of owning a vehicle? Most drivers tend to consider far too few factors when budgeting for a vehicle. Think about what was important to you when you purchased your last vehicle. Aside from being reliable, comfortable, etc., you probably focused primarily on the price of the vehicle itself and its overall … Read More