3 Ways You Can Ensure Your Cooling System Is Ready for Summer

Roadside breakdowns are a hassle, and even diligent car owners can fall subject to the tribulations that plague car owners when spring turns to summer each year. A myriad of ailments can contribute to a cooling system malfunction, which is why we have outlined below the easiest, most cost-effective methods of automobile cooling system maintenance and upkeep. Car owners shouldn’t … Read More

The 5 Most Common Vehicle Repairs (Did You Forget #3?)

most common vehicle repairs

Earlier this year, the Car Care Council, a non-profit organization focused on consumer education, released a list of the most common vehicle repairs in partnership with auto industry research group IMR Inc. This kind of data presents us with an excellent opportunity to review the most often needed repairs so that you can be better prepared for what your vehicle … Read More

3 Ways Auto Service Providers Can Improve Customer Service & Inspire Loyalty

3 ways auto service providers can improve customer service

One of the first things in business most people learn is that you can’t make everyone happy—and if you can, you probably don’t have very many customers. But that sure doesn’t mean you can’t try to make everyone happy. In fact, it’s a great goal to have. What would it mean for your business if every last person that walked … Read More

The Top 7 Things You Must Know About Your Car Battery

The top 7 things you must know about your car battery

Most drivers tend to think about their vehicle’s battery after it fails. But since you’re here, you’re not like “most drivers.” Perhaps you already know that a little attention and minor-but-important regular maintenance can help keep your car battery going… because without it, you aren’t going anywhere. In this post, we’d like to explore seven of the most important things … Read More

The Real Annual Cost of Owning a Vehicle – And How to Lower It

The annual cost of vehicle ownership

Have you ever really thought about the actual cost of owning a vehicle? Most drivers tend to consider far too few factors when budgeting for a vehicle. Think about what was important to you when you purchased your last vehicle. Aside from being reliable, comfortable, etc., you probably focused primarily on the price of the vehicle itself and its overall … Read More

How to Pick a Permanent Mechanic… And Make the Right Choice

how to pick a mechanic

There’s something distinctly comforting about having a permanent mechanic. When there’s a problem with your car or truck, you’ve got your “go to guy” (or gal). They’re knowledgeable, honest, and you know they’ll give you a fair price. …Don’t have that yet? That’s why we’ve put together a handful of tips to help you find your permanent mechanic. While we … Read More

Are You OVER Maintaining Your Car? 7 Car Maintenance Myths

car maintenance myths

Did you know that you might be paying for car maintenance that you don’t actually need? It’s not often that you hear about the possibility of over maintaining your car. Even here on the blog we talk about how important regular maintenance is all the time. Make no mistake about it, taking good care of your vehicle is very important… … Read More

Traffic-Busting Holiday Travel Tips for Drivers

how to avoid christmas traffic

Did you know that this last Thanksgiving, over 51 million Americans traveled to visit family and friends? That’s in addition to regular traffic. Thanksgiving is behind us, but the December holidays are coming—and they’ll likely bring similar levels of traffic along with them, if not more. Don’t count on people opting to fly instead of drive, since 91% of holiday … Read More

Driving for Christmas? Here’s How to Stay Safe on the Road

christmas driving safety

Aren’t you looking forward to Christmas this year? Sure, it can get a little hectic and even a touch stressful—especially if you’re a last minute shopper, those lines can be brutal—but overall it’s a wonderful time of year. After all the hustle and bustle is over, the moments spent with your loved ones tend to make it all worthwhile. Having … Read More

What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

Has that little yellow “check engine” light ever—for lack of a better phrase—freaked you out before? It’s happened to everyone. After a busy morning, you’re on your way to work in your car or truck, everything seems normal, and then right as you’re in the middle of traffic it pops on. Cue impending sense of dread. But is it really … Read More