The BG Guide to Winterizing Your Vehicle

Is your car prepared for winter? The cold months are right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to review your vehicle and make sure it’s ready. The cold can present unique challenges for your car, but getting it properly winterized is a relatively easy and inexpensive process that can save you more than a few bucks in … Read More

5 Weird Smells That Mean Your Car Needs Immediate Maintenance

Does your car have a weird smell coming from it? And no, not just from the bag of fast food your teenager left under the seat three weeks ago. Unpleasant or unusual smells are usually indicators that something is about to go wrong (or already has). When in doubt, take your car in for a check-up, but the purpose of … Read More

Pre-Trip Vehicle Checklist – Don’t Leave Home Before Doing This!

If you’re planning on taking a trip soon, don’t leave home before making sure your vehicle can handle it. It’s bad enough when you break down in your hometown, but having car trouble on the road can be extremely inconvenient (at best). Before you leave on any road trip, it’s wise to inspect and maintain a variety of systems in … Read More

The 10 Must-Know Car Maintenance Tips for Busy People

When you’re a busy person, it can be all too easy to let basic car maintenance go by the wayside. “I’ll get to it next week” is the mantra of folks who end up having expensive repair work done. In the long run, this kind of thinking ends up costing you more time and money, so we’ve compiled a list … Read More

Don’t Buy a Used Car Until You Read These 7 Wallet-Saving Tips

Used cars can be great. No, really, they can—as long as you practice your due diligence. When you make a smart and well-informed used car purchase, you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits compared to buying an off-the-lot vehicle. The most noteworthy benefits are of course financial, but when purchasing a pre-owned car or truck you’ll also have access to … Read More

Can You Guess Who Spends More Time Driving Than Ever Before?

There’s a certain special group of people that spend a whole lot of time driving. They can spend an hour or more driving every day—spread out among five or more distinct trips. They run errands, give rides, and go to work. They fill up their gas tanks at least once a week, costing them over $2,000 per year. Their vehicles … Read More

Your Car Needs to Breathe: Air Flow Explained

Your Car Needs to Breathe

Did you know that for every one gallon of gasoline your vehicle uses, also required for continued operation are 10,000 gallons of air flow? Air is, of course, in great abundance—it’s just not always clean enough to flow through your engine and the rest of the vehicle without being filtered first. In the same way that you would filter water … Read More

The Complete Guide to Tire Maintenance (Plus 3 Life-Extending Tips!)

The Complete Guide to Tire Maintenance BG Blog

When the lifespan of your tires seems to dwindle a little too fast, it can be easy to blame poor road conditions. (Missouri, we’re looking at you.) While the roads certainly do have an effect on the performance and overall lifespan of your tires, there’s plenty you can do on your own to mitigate these effects, protect your tires’ durability, … Read More

Vehicle Maintenance Decision Making: When to Repair or Replace

Repair or Replace your vehicle

An important skill vehicle owners must develop is the ability to make smart decisions with regard to when it’s a good idea to get repairs done—or rather, in some cases, when not to have repairs done. With a little forward-thinking, general know-how, and regular car maintenance appointments, you won’t have to be a vehicle expert to stretch your driving dollar … Read More