Weird But Useful Car Maintenance Hacks You Won’t Believe

Top 10 Weird But Crazy Useful Car Maintenance Life Hacks You Won't Believe

Most car owners encounter little—or sometimes large—seemingly-unavoidable inconveniences. We’ve asked around and compiled a list of our favorite car maintenance “life hacks” to make your life easier. These simple, DIY solutions can help you keep your headlights clean, remove bumper stickers, and even extend the range of your wireless keys in a strange and unexpected way. Let’s dive in: #10 … Read More

The #1 Reason Drivers Don’t Notice Problems Until It’s Too Late

The #1 Reason drivers don't notice problems.

After tens of thousands of hours of practice, concert pianists tend to develop such an affinity for their instrument that they’re often able to detect when the piano goes out of tune by only a handful of cents (the unit of measurement for octaves). A highly competent mechanic can detect slight variances in a vehicle’s performance to know that something … Read More

5 Common Warning Signs Your Vehicle Has Electrical Problems

5 Signs of Electrical Problems

Beyond the battery, we tend to think of our cars as very mechanical things. Gas in, engine fires up, and we’re off to work, run errands, or travel to visit family. But have you ever really considered just how reliant upon a working electrical system your vehicle is? Our vehicles have intricate electrical systems, and this is especially true for … Read More

7 Expert Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Repair Costs Down

How would you like to be a step ahead of the majority of vehicle owners insofar as your repair costs are concerned? It’s surprisingly simple to do, yet so few people do it: Read your owners manual. Specifically, read the section that discussed your vehicles recommended maintenance schedule. It usually looks like a chart, and it should tell you exactly … Read More

What’s Your Education Roadmap for Young or New Drivers?


We’re not all “car people.” Automotive shop owners know well that a good portion of their customer base are most certainly not car people—which is why so many of the problems professionals solve for drivers could frequently have been avoided through regular preventative maintenance. How many times have you heard similar horror stories about young drivers who, likely through a … Read More

Fuel cost savings for fleets (and your own car too!)

BG Equipment

Have you ever wanted a fresh start? Over time, we all would love to hit the “reset” button and start with a clean slate. While we can’t help you with a fresh start in life, we CAN help you give your car a fresh start and a clean engine. If you are managing a fleet of vehicles, this becomes an … Read More