BG DOC® Diesel Oil Conditioner is intended to condition oil in diesel motors.

Diesel engines work at different temperatures and pressures. This puts a considerable measure of demand on diesel motor oils and the added substances they contain. These engine operating systems use hydraulic fuel injectors. This can increase oil pressures. Couple that with the fact that emissions devices can also increase soot accumulation in the engine oil. These frameworks test the points of confinement of motor oil.Under the right conditions, heat causes sulfur from fuel to combine with entrained moisture to create sulfuric acid. This sulfuric acid causes excessive wear on engines. This corrosive wear can cause severe damage to engine components. This corrosiveness wreaks devastation on motors, bringing about destructive wear and harm to motor parts.

BG DOC® Diesel Oil Conditioner keeps up like-new diesel motor force and operation. It helps to kill acids and corrosive erosion, decreases grinding and wear on motor parts, settles thickness, and avoids slop through expanded oxidation control and sediment scatter™ innovation. BG DOC® is good with all diesel motor oils including engineered and multi-grade.

BG SAE 15W-40 Synthetic Blend Engine Oil offers excellent protection against wear and evaporation in engines.

Automobile engines are comprised of many metal parts that must be lubricated to prevent grinding or premature wear. The engine combustion process can cause incredible amounts of heat and corrosive by-products like silica and acids.

BG SAE 15W-40 Synthetic Blend Engine Oil provides an excellent defense against things like piston deposits, oil thickening, engine parts wear, etc. Our oil provides all this even under harsh conditions of high speed and heavy load.

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