Do Engine Oil Supplements Like BG MOA Really Work?

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Did you know that the normal operating temperature for most car engines is around 200 degrees?

Yeah—that’s hot. And it’s a lot warmer than cars used to get. These days, vehicles are designed to give drivers every ounce of performance possible, thanks to technology advances in pressurization systems. We’re also a bit more environmentally conscious than we used to be, which means additional emission control requirements. All of these advancements result in engines running hotter than ever before.

Needless to say, the cars we drive are a lot different than the ones our parents and grandparents were cruising around in back in the day. Not only are the cars different, but the way we drive is different too: there’s a whole lot more stop-and-go city driving than there used to be. There’s just more driving in general, as over three-quarters of Americans commute to work every single day. Increased temperatures, stop-and-go driving, and longer drives means that your engine is under a ton of stress.

But are engine oil supplements like BG Advanced Formula MOA® really the answer?

Yes, we certainly think so, especially when combined with overall good maintenance habits and proactive care for your vehicle. The right engine oil supplement can substantially enhance the performance and longevity of your car or truck’s engine. Let’s discuss why, and what it means for you as a driver.

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Higher Operating Temperatures Cause These Kinds of Breakdown in Your Engine

High temperatures and oxygen levels in your engine are an indication of the system’s ability to provide you with the performance that you want from your vehicle—but there is a cost. Heat and oxygen put stress on the components of the engine and pressurization system, which causes thermal breakdown and oxidative breakdown. This in turn causes the engine oil to thicken, making it less effective, and even leading to the buildup of deposits.

Engine deposits are a more-or-less unavoidable byproduct of driving a modern vehicle, but left unchecked, they can cause serious problems, particularly to the piston-ring. If you’re not a “gearhead,” that basically means that your vehicle will have reduced power, lower fuel economy, and will require more oil to keep working. It’s also not great for the environment, since engine deposits result in additional harmful emissions (not great if you need a smog check done).

An engine oil supplement like BG MOA can mitigate or eliminate these problems from accruing. Let’s discover how:

How BG MOA Fortifies Your Engine Oil for Long-Lasting Protection

BG MOA is a special formula that can help your vehicle maintain its peak engine performance. This oil supplement prevents oxidation and oil thickening. This not only protects the components of your engine, you’ll be able to enjoy driving at a reduced cost, since your vehicle will be more fuel efficient. The lifespan of your engine will be extended as well, since the components won’t be undergoing anywhere near as much wear and tear.

With the correct expertise, you can install BG MOA yourself. However, most drivers prefer to have this supplement added with the assistance of a professional. The easiest way to do that is with BG’s dynamic engine restoration service.

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Do You Need a Dynamic Engine Restoration Service?

If you’ve sensed a loss of power from your vehicle, worse fuel economy than you remember having previous, and perhaps even noticed more exhaust smoke than usual, there’s a very strong chance that you’d benefit from the BG dynamic engine restoration service.

BG MOA is part of the dynamic engine restoration service offered by BG certified mechanics. This all-inclusive service utilizes a handful of high-end BG products, all of which work in conjunction to restore your engine.

Of course, the first is BG MOA, but you’ll also get expert installation of the BG Dynamic Engine Cleaner and rinse oil solution as well as BG 44K® Platinum™ fuel system cleaner—an industry leader. Sludge, deposits, varnish, and all other manner of damaging materials that might have collected in your engine.

The service does more than just clean, however. After completion, your vehicle will use oil at a reduced rate, have better fuel efficiency, and have less exhaust emissions.

If you’d like to learn more about the dynamic engine restoration service from BG, make sure to check out our post that goes into more detail here: Loss of Power and Excessive Smoke? You Might Need a Dynamic Engine Restoration.

Learn More From Your Local BG Certified Automotive Professionals

If you’re interested in any of the products or services we’ve discussed today, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Better yet, find your local BG certified automotive professional and see the difference for yourself.

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