The BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender Service defends fuel system components against the harmful effects of ethanol-containing fuel. That means better gas mileage, better performance and long-lasting fuel system protection.

When gasoline is blended with ethanol, it can have negative effects on engines. Ethanol is known to increase engine deposits. Increased deposits affect drivability and can lead to corrosion; and eventually component failure. Corrosion formation and deposits can cause engine efficiency and durability to go down-hill.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender guards fuel systems from the negative and damaging effects of ethanol blended gasoline. When added by a professional at every oil change, Ethanol Fuel System Defender protects intake manifolds, intake ports, intake valves, and combustion chambers from the damage caused by ethanol oxidation.

Did you know that Ethanol-blended fuel is hygroscopic? This means that it absorbs moisture. When this condition is untreated, moisture and condensation can cause corrosion on fuel system components.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier is a professional-use product that allows the water to pass through the fuel system with no harm to combustion.

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BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer creates a protective layer on components in the fuel system. This shielding layer is designed to defend and protect against corrosion. Ethanol corrosion preventer encompasses special stabilizers that keep the entire fuel system clean. This helps to restore power and fuel efficiency.

Ethanol-blended gasoline increases deposits in the engine that affect performance and lead to corrosion. This can eventually cause component failure. Fuel deposits and corrosion formation can have an unfavorable outcome on engine efficiency and durability. Rough idle, loss of performance and reduced fuel economy are the most common side effects of these conditions.

BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer keeps the entire fuel system clean and free of vehicle concerns that are caused by gasoline that contains ethanol. Installed at each fill-up, it protects against moisture, and prevents fuel oxidation and deposit formation. It prevents corrosion and provides long-term storage stability.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier helps to safeguard the engine against the water that accumulates in fuel that has been blended with ethanol.

When fuel is blended with Ethanol, it becomes hygroscopic. This means that is will absorb moisture. If left untreated, this moisture can cause corrosion on fuel system components, which can leading to and cause erratic engine operation. This can also cause growth of microorganisms which will plug fuel filters.

BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier is a professional-use product that holds the water drawn in by ethanol in suspension, forming a stable solution. This allows the water to pass through the fuel system with no harm to combustion.

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