How BG University Works and Why it Works so Well: A Year’s Worth of Experience in 5 Days

bg university benefits for automotive professionals

BG University is an industry-leading training program for automotive service professionals founded over 20 years ago in October 1999. This program teaches students how to provide drivers with the most important vehicle maintenance services using equipment, products, and expert techniques developed by BG.

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve probably heard about it. But what’s it really all about? In this post, we’re going to answer that question, provide you with links to some other resources from our blog, and explain the revenue-boosting benefits of training your technicians at BG University.

The Benefits of Employee Training & Clearing Up a Few Common Misconceptions

We’ve spent some time on the blog here discussing the importance of employee training. If you haven’t already, read our post How Successful Automotive Service Shops Train Their Employees where we dive into the details.

Basically, the benefits for shop owners aren’t hard to see. In addition to simply increasing revenue over time—which should be a given for any investment made by owners, and education is certainly an investment—shops with well-trained techs tend to have much better employee retention.

We examine this phenomena closely in our post The Secret Auto Service Providers Use to Reduce Employee Turnover Rate. It’s a common fear among business owners that once they train an employee, those employees will take their knowledge and go elsewhere (such as a competitor).

While this can happen, it’s far less common than you’d think—a business willing to provide its employees with training is more likely to provide them with other incentives that makes them want to stick around. Plus, as we’ll get into in a moment, the BG University training program doesn’t require you to send in all of your employees. Many businesses only send in one. (That will make sense in a moment.)

Finally, shop owners will also notice that after training their employees, those employees will be more confident during sales encounters with customers. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re even more of an expert in their field now, but BG training also takes customer service into the equation and helps trainees learn about how to communicate with customers more effectively.

As you likely know, one of the hardest parts of the job is convincing customers that they really do need this or that maintenance service or basic repair—after training, service techs will not only know how to do their jobs better, but will be able to better explain to customers why they should in the first place.

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A Top-Down Approach to Educating Automotive Service Professionals

The official BG University is located in Wichita, Kansas, but BG University classes are available all over the world. BG professionals attend these courses, but independent professionals in the automotive service industry participate as well (more and more in recent years, we’re pleased to report.)

Here’s how it works: an attendant to the class is trained in such a way that they can take the knowledge they’ve gained and train other service professionals back at their automotive shop or dealership. The benefit to this “top-down” approach is that if you decide to have your employees trained at this program, you won’t have to send all of them. Part of the course is learning how to explain what you’ve learned to others, including your peers—and, perhaps more importantly, consumers.

BG University not only teaches the “how” of things, but also the “why.” While it’s certainly important to know how to perform BG maintenance services, use the products, efficiently and safely use the equipment, etc., it’s also important to understand why these things are done.

For example, understanding that engine deposits will reduce the performance of a vehicle is well and good, but what makes it compelling to a customer to have maintenance performed to resolve that problem? In the case of engine deposits and other problems, it might be reduced fuel economy or the potential to cause increasingly expensive repairs later on. BG University goes into detail about how to sell these more compelling “why’s” to the customers back home.

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How to Learn More About BG University and BG Certification

If you’re interested in learning more about BG University, and possibly attending a course near you, the official BG University page is a good place to start. To discover more about BG Certification and why it can improve your automotive shop’s reputation and revenue, a good place to start is our blog post Create Loyal Automotive Customers By Improving Trust & Transparency. For all other questions please feel free to contact us.

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