How to Avoid the Leading Cause of Roadside Breakdowns

avoid roadside breakdown

Did you know that the leading cause of roadside breakdowns is engine overheating?

With summer in full swing, now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep your engine cool. There’s few experiences more uncomfortable than waiting by the side of the road in the middle of a heat wave!

The good news is that overheating your engine is, in most cases, preventable. Even so, you may want to take a look at our 5 question quiz to make sure you’re prepared for an unexpected breakdown.

Let’s learn more about keeping your engine cool:

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Make Sure Your Coolant is Full and Fresh

If you’re low on coolant, your dash lights should tell you. However, it’s still good to check regularly yourself or request that your mechanic does during your next routine checkup or oil change. Additionally, you should make sure that your coolant mixture is correct, as coolant is usually mixed with water depending on season.

Coolant, similar to oil, has a “lifespan” in your vehicle. If you wait long enough, the coolant will degrade and begin leaving deposits in your engine and radiator. These deposits can cause problems ranging from minor to major, but will always eventually lead to poor flow of coolant.

This can be a direct cause of an overheating engine (and likely a visit to the mechanic). Products like BG Universal Super Cool will remove these deposits to restore coolant flow and ensure that damage due to overheating doesn’t happen to other components of your engine. Compared to other similar products, BG Universal Super Cool has the added benefit of protecting against corrosion and restoring additive balance and coolant pH.

Make Sure Your Drive Belts Are in Good Condition

Did you know that your drive belt is an integral component of your cooling system? This is true whether you’re using a more modern serpentine belt or a V-belt found in older vehicles.

The drive belt is responsible for the water pump for your alternator. Therefore, if your drive belt is having a problem, so will your cooling system—the water pump won’t be able to do its job, coolant won’t circulate, and you’ll run into overheating problems very quickly.

To learn more about maintaining your drive belts and how they work, make sure to check out our post Everything You Need to Know About the Drive Belts in Your Vehicle.

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Check Your Radiator And The Radiator Cap

Your radiator will suffer a substantial performance loss if it’s blocked up by debris, corrosion, or dirt—all natural byproducts of simply driving your vehicle. If the radiator or the condenser for the air conditioner are blocked up, air won’t be able to flow through the cooling system. With enough blockage, this can lead to overheating.

Interestingly, an often-forgotten cause of overheating isn’t just the radiator itself, but the radiator cap. The cap, if faulty and loose, can cause overheating because it will be leaking. Radiator caps are under a great deal of pressure, so this is more likely than you’d think.

Start Every Summer With a BG Cooling System Service

The best thing you can do for your entire cooling system is to have it serviced by a BG certified automotive professional. The BG cooling system service is a fully comprehensive, top-to-bottom service which prevents a whole host of different problems, including coolant loss, temperature increase and overheating, faulty hoses, leaks, and more.

Furthermore, the entire cleaning system will be cleaned of debris, rust, and sludge. Finally, your coolant and additives will be replenished with high end BG products. This will lead to longer coolant life—meaning less maintenance appointments—among other benefits, not the least of which is increased vehicle performance and a minimal chance of overheating.

Take a look at this video from BG to learn more about the benefits of the BG Cooling System Service.

Learn More About Summertime Vehicle Maintenance & Keeping Your Cooling System Frosty

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And, of course, make sure to ask your mechanic for premium BG cooling system products if they aren’t using them already. Otherwise, simply visit your local BG certified automotive shop.

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