How to Pick a Permanent Mechanic… And Make the Right Choice

how to pick a mechanic

There’s something distinctly comforting about having a permanent mechanic. When there’s a problem with your car or truck, you’ve got your “go to guy” (or gal). They’re knowledgeable, honest, and you know they’ll give you a fair price.

…Don’t have that yet? That’s why we’ve put together a handful of tips to help you find your permanent mechanic.

While we of course believe you’ll find someone with all of these qualities at a certified BG shop, it’s still good to know what to look for in the person or team you entrust with the maintenance and continued good operation of your vehicle.

Do Your Mechanic Shopping Before Emergency Repairs

If your car or truck ever requires unexpected repairs, especially the kind that could take a few days to complete, you’re less likely to properly shop around for the right mechanic—you’ll just want to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as you can.

To avoid having to make rushed decisions like this, begin the search for your permanent mechanic as soon as you can.

If you’re already in a situation where you need major repairs but still want to find the right mechanic both for now and in the future, you can still follow the other suggestions in this post and get good results. Interview a handful of mechanics and get estimates from all of them. Estimates will help you stay organized and find the best price-to-value ratio.

On the topic of price…

choosing the best mechanic

Price Isn’t Everything

Would you rather save a few bucks and never really be quite sure that the work was done well, or would you rather pay an extra five or ten percent comparative to the “budget” auto shop in town and know the service you’re getting is top notch?

Cheap rates don’t necessarily mean the service provided by a shop are bad or poorly performed. Similarly, the highest price shop in town isn’t necessarily the best either. Unless you’re looking at an extreme difference, price shouldn’t be the primary factor in your decision making process (or even the second or third if you can help it).

Ask Questions (Even “Dumb” Ones)

Never forget that as a consumer you have every right to ask as many questions as you’d like. Don’t feel intimidated to ask potential mechanics questions—even if you already know the answers.

Good questions to ask might include:

  • How long has their establishment been in business?
  • What sort of guarantees and/or warranties are offered?
  • Are estimates provided and if so are they guaranteed? (Meaning the price will not “unexpectedly” change later.)
  • Can you provide your own replacement parts and only pay for labor, if desired?
  • Are all labor rates the same, or will they vary based on time or type of work performed?

Think of it like a miniature interview. After all, the plan is to give all of your vehicle-related business to the mechanic (or team of mechanics), so asking questions is only natural. Anyone who huffs and puffs when you ask about their credentials, policies, or overall level of experience can be quickly scratched off your list.

finding a trustworthy mechanic

Look Into The Auto Shop’s Reputation

A good final step after a mechanic or auto shop has met all of your other requirements is to look into their reputation. Ask friends, family, and associates if they’ve ever had any experience with the mechanic or if they know anyone who has and what their experience was like.

You can also look into their reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or automotive groups like the Automotive Maintenance & Repair Association (AMRA).

Give Them a Chance to Impress You

Eventually, you’ll have to pick a place and give them a shot. Research is all well and good, but the only way to tell if a mechanic is right for you is to let them do some actual work for you. The next time you need a basic tune-up, oil change, or any other basic maintenance work, let your new mechanic do it.

If all goes well with the smaller tasks, give them the chance to show you what they can do the next time a major repair comes up. If the shop consistently impresses you with their quality of service, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve found “your” mechanic.

Start Your Search Off Right With a BG Certified Shop

We admit it: we’re biased. We think that if you start your search for a permanent mechanic by checking out your local BG certified shop, you’ll have a very short search indeed. We stand behind our products and the professionals who use them.

If you have any questions about finding the right mechanic for you or why BG products are the best in the business, please feel free to drop us a line.

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