A BG power steering system service will remove residues from the steering system as a whole. This also helps to ensure smooth and quiet operation. All this while preventing leaks, sticking and wear of parts. The BG Power Steering Service is an integral part of any maintenance program.

Meet BG’s Power steering fluids! Our specially formulated fluids have an intensely high level viscosity index. This means that the fluid will not thin when it gets hot or thicken when it gets cold. Our fluids can even handle temperatures below zero; and this is where most other fluids fail.

Premature wear in power steering systems is most often cause by fluid break down. This causes oxidation byproducts such as hose material or metallic debris. These byproducts then accumulate in the fluid. When this contaminated fluid is then pumped through the power steering system under very high pressure, it will cause caustic wear in components of the system. Concerns like power steering pump noise, erratic steering can begin to occur. Eventually failure of components can lead to costly repairs.

BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is a 100% synthetic fluid. This fluid has been designed for use in all power steering systems and under all conditions. It can even handle temperatures that are in the sub-zero range. This is where most other fluids thicken or give out! With an extremely high viscosity index, it doesn’t get thin when it is hot or become thick when it gets cold.

BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is formulated to benefit all power steering systems.

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