Fuel cost savings for fleets (and your own car too!)

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Have you ever wanted a fresh start? Over time, we all would love to hit the “reset” button and start with a clean slate. While we can’t help you with a fresh start in life, we CAN help you give your car a fresh start and a clean engine. If you are managing a fleet of vehicles, this becomes an important factor – fuel savings, repair savings and down time savings are increased with the BG Performance Oil Change.

Over time, deposits build up in engines. These deposits will and can rob your vehicle of the fuel economy it once had.

Deposits can form inside the fuel injectors and restrict fuel delivery. These deposits cause lean misfires, rough idle, hesitation, and poor fuel economy. A lean fuel-air mix can also increase the risk of detonation and pre-ignition. When vehicles are driven on shorter trips (think a quick errand to the store, picking up kids from school, etc.), these deposits build up more quickly.

When deposits form in the throttle body of a vehicle, there is reduced airflow – this affects idle quality and smoothness. Deposits in the throttle body are caused by fuel vapors that rise up through the intake manifold.

BG EquipmentThe intake valves are an important part of fuel economy in the your vehicle. When deposits form on the intake valves, air flow is restricted. Restricted air flow through the intake ports, causes a loss of high-speed power. Deposits also act like a sponge and soak up fuel spray from the injectors. This disruption of the delicate air/fuel balance can cause a lean fuel condition, hesitation and decreased performance. Valve sticking and valve burning can also be caused by these deposits.  Deposits on the intake valves are  formed by normal combustion byproducts – this means there is NOTHING you can do about the deposits forming (unless you take preventive action – keep reading!) But you CAN get rid of these deposits and keep them from coming back (prevent them!) with the BG Performance oil change service.

The combustion chamber is another problematic place for deposit formation. Deposits on top of pistons increase the compression ratio of the engine and the octane requirements of fuel. When there is too much compression, spark knock (detonation) occurs if the fuel’s octane rating isn’t high enough. Detonation over time can damage the head gasket, piston rings and rod bearings! This means costly repairs could be coming your way. The knock sensor detects detonation and tells the PCM to slow down spark timing. While this takes care of the knock, it increases fuel consumption and emissions.

Do we have your attention yet? Deposits cost you in lost fuel economy!

Since every engine deserves a fresh start, we start the BG Performance Oil Change service with BG Engine Performance Restoration (EPR). BG EPR cleans and removes deposits from piston rings in as little as 10 minutes!  BG EPR restores fuel economy and power and prevents excessive oil loss. With Gasoline Direction Injection Engines being extremely susceptible to deposits, EPR is an excellent way to maintain a deposit free GDI engine. (Did we mention, this product is great for diesel engine vehicles too?)

BG Extended Life MOA (Or DOC for Diesels).

BG Extended Life MOA is formulated with 100 percent synthetic chemistry to protect engine components and fortify all brands of engine oil over extended oil change intervals. Long drain intervals, are quickly becoming the norm in owner’s manuals – this means more strain on engine oil. These longer oil change intervals provide the perfect incubation period for carbon deposits. Unless the oil is fortified with enhanced protection against high heat, premature and hard-to-remove deposits will form on many engine components.

BG 44K Removes Fuel System Deposits (Or BG 245 for Diesels).

Gasoline quality is inconsistent and most often poor. This contributes to fuel system deposits as well as “normal” driving.  To make matters worse, smaller, high output engines are highly sensitive to the deposits that build up in the fuel and air intake system. Even small amounts of deposits cause reduced fuel economy, drivability problems and engine knock.

BG 44K  (or BG 245 for diesels) is the answer to clearing deposits from the fuel system. The 11 ounces of high quality detergents and additives that you pour right into the fuel tank, restores performance and fuel economy. It eliminates deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and on valves and restores flow in fuel injectors. Basically, it cleans the entire fuel system!

If you are managing a fleet (or even your own personal vehicle), fuel economy and down time are detrimental. Contact us today to learn more about how deposit control through the BG Performance Oil Change service can save your fleet on fuel costs. Still not convinced? Request a demo and we will come to your location and show you just how well these products and services work.


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