How This 2-Minute Technique Can Increase Return Business to Your Auto Shop

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Sometimes, the smallest things can make the biggest difference. If you get all of your service technicians on board with it, the tip we’re going to share with you today can dramatically increase the amount of return business that comes back to your auto shop. It’s the kind of subtle-yet-powerful thing that transforms a first-time customer into a lifetime customer. … Read More

How to Recognize and Prevent Engine Misfires

recognize and prevent engine misfires

Engine misfires can be quite jarring—if not a bit frightening. A misfire is usually experienced as a lag in power delivery from your engine. It sometimes feels like your vehicle is “stumbling.” (Not to be confused with hard shifting.) The good news about engine misfires is that while they can be indicative of an expensive problem, they usually aren’t. In … Read More

3 Tools to Make Life Easier for Automotive Service Industry Professionals

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Automotive technicians are in higher demand than ever before. In a changing industry, most service techs are grateful whenever they can get an edge over the competition—a tool or piece of information that can make them better at their jobs, better salesmen, better mechanics. If you work in the automotive service industry, this probably sounds familiar. BG has developed a … Read More

5 Most Important Things to Check Before You Buy a Preowned Vehicle

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Buying a used car can be a smart financial decision—it can also be a very bad one, if you end up getting a car that needs a lot of work that you didn’t know about beforehand. We’ve talked about buying preowned vehicles on the blog before. In our post Don’t Buy a Used Car Until You Read These 7 Wallet-Saving … Read More

Building Customer Trust With the BG TruVideo App

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We’ve discussed the importance of an automotive service provider building trust with their customers pretty extensively on the blog here, and for good reason. It’s that important. Trust, as you know, must be earned with mutual respect and great work. In other words, it’s more than just a sales technique (although it certainly does help improve sales!). For example, each … Read More

Why Your Car Brakes Are Squealing and How to Fix it

why car brakes squeal

Do your breaks ever make a squealing sound? You’re not alone—one of the most common complaints about brakes are the squealing, squeaking, or otherwise high-pitched sounds they sometimes make. In many cases, brake squealing is normal and nothing to worry about, especially if there’s a good bit of humidity in the air. After a rainy day, the moisture and surface … Read More

Do Engine Oil Supplements Like BG MOA Really Work?

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Did you know that the normal operating temperature for most car engines is around 200 degrees? Yeah—that’s hot. And it’s a lot warmer than cars used to get. These days, vehicles are designed to give drivers every ounce of performance possible, thanks to technology advances in pressurization systems. We’re also a bit more environmentally conscious than we used to be, … Read More

How BG University Works and Why it Works so Well: A Year’s Worth of Experience in 5 Days

bg university benefits for automotive professionals

BG University is an industry-leading training program for automotive service professionals founded over 20 years ago in October 1999. This program teaches students how to provide drivers with the most important vehicle maintenance services using equipment, products, and expert techniques developed by BG. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve probably heard about it. But what’s it … Read More

The Top 3 BG Services for Safe Winter Driving

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Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that you don’t have important things to do—everyone does—but oftentimes when we’re in a hurry, we throw caution to the wind. Remember, drive safely and slowly during these cold months, even if it means leaving for your appointments ten or so minutes early. Assuming you’ve got the driving part down pat, the next … Read More

5 Key Sales Strategies for Automotive Service Advisors

5 key sales strategies for service advisors

For automotive service advisors, a sales strategy represents two distinct but equally important goals: the first, of course, is to help promote a competitive advantage for their shop, thereby increasing revenues. The second goal is to provide automotive customers with the best possible information, service suggestions, maintenance scheduling, and to genuinely help them keep their vehicle in good working order. … Read More