Why Your Car Brakes Are Squealing and How to Fix it

why car brakes squeal

Do your breaks ever make a squealing sound? You’re not alone—one of the most common complaints about brakes are the squealing, squeaking, or otherwise high-pitched sounds they sometimes make. In many cases, brake squealing is normal and nothing to worry about, especially if there’s a good bit of humidity in the air. After a rainy day, the moisture and surface … Read More

The Top 3 Most Commonly Forgotten Summertime Auto Maintenance Tasks

summertime automotive maintenance

It’s safe to say that summer has arrived. With outside temperatures rising, you’re probably well aware that your vehicle needs a bit of extra maintenance to stay on the road and keep you cool—but are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything? Most summertime maintenance advice has a lot to do with keeping your fluids topped off and how to keep … Read More