How to Avoid the Leading Cause of Roadside Breakdowns

avoid roadside breakdown

Did you know that the leading cause of roadside breakdowns is engine overheating? With summer in full swing, now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep your engine cool. There’s few experiences more uncomfortable than waiting by the side of the road in the middle of a heat wave! The good news is that overheating … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the Drive Belts in Your Vehicle

everything you need to know about vehicle belts

Have you ever heard a loud, banshee-like squeal from your vehicle? It was probably a drive belt. That’s the most common way to tell if there’s an issue with one of them—after all, you can’t really miss it—but what caused it in the first place? How do you fix it? Can you do it yourself, or do you need to … Read More

The 5 Most Common Vehicle Repairs (Did You Forget #3?)

most common vehicle repairs

Earlier this year, the Car Care Council, a non-profit organization focused on consumer education, released a list of the most common vehicle repairs in partnership with auto industry research group IMR Inc. This kind of data presents us with an excellent opportunity to review the most often needed repairs so that you can be better prepared for what your vehicle … Read More

Are You OVER Maintaining Your Car? 7 Car Maintenance Myths

car maintenance myths

Did you know that you might be paying for car maintenance that you don’t actually need? It’s not often that you hear about the possibility of over maintaining your car. Even here on the blog we talk about how important regular maintenance is all the time. Make no mistake about it, taking good care of your vehicle is very important… … Read More

What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?

Has that little yellow “check engine” light ever—for lack of a better phrase—freaked you out before? It’s happened to everyone. After a busy morning, you’re on your way to work in your car or truck, everything seems normal, and then right as you’re in the middle of traffic it pops on. Cue impending sense of dread. But is it really … Read More

The 10 Must-Know Car Maintenance Tips for Busy People

When you’re a busy person, it can be all too easy to let basic car maintenance go by the wayside. “I’ll get to it next week” is the mantra of folks who end up having expensive repair work done. In the long run, this kind of thinking ends up costing you more time and money, so we’ve compiled a list … Read More