Do Engine Oil Supplements Like BG MOA Really Work?

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Did you know that the normal operating temperature for most car engines is around 200 degrees? Yeah—that’s hot. And it’s a lot warmer than cars used to get. These days, vehicles are designed to give drivers every ounce of performance possible, thanks to technology advances in pressurization systems. We’re also a bit more environmentally conscious than we used to be, … Read More

Loss of Power and Excessive Smoke? You Might Need a Dynamic Engine Restoration

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As a result of advances in technology, emission control requirements, and new pressurization systems, modern vehicle engines run a lot hotter than their older counterparts. Older vehicles tended to run at around 180 degrees (Fahrenheit). Newer vehicles can run at 210 degrees and more. Even with year-round coolants, the amount an engine cools down during use is reduced. Furthermore, we … Read More