The Top 3 BG Services for Safe Winter Driving

bg services safe winter driving

Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean that you don’t have important things to do—everyone does—but oftentimes when we’re in a hurry, we throw caution to the wind. Remember, drive safely and slowly during these cold months, even if it means leaving for your appointments ten or so minutes early.

Assuming you’ve got the driving part down pat, the next step is to make sure that your vehicle is ready to tackle the winter roads. While there’s plenty of great ways to boost your safety on the road (we covered many of them in our post The BG Guide to Winterizing Your Vehicle) there are generally three maintenance services that will give you the best “bang for your buck.” These are brakes, battery, and visibility services.

Let’s take a look at why these services are important. Before we wrap up, we’ll let you know how to find local auto technicians who can perform these important winter driving services for you.

bg headlight restoration service

BG Brake Service: Safer Stopping on Icy Roads

The BG Brake Service is the best way to get your vehicle’s brakes ready for the icy, wet season—especially if you’re experiencing any symptoms of your brakes going bad. We covered what to look for in detail in our post 3 Signs Your Brakes Need Maintenance but here’s the gist:

Anytime you’re experiencing a…

  • Spongy feeling when pressing the brake pedal down
  • Experiencing “pull” to the left or right while driving
  • Notice corrosion on or near the brake parts
  • Find that the brake is noticeably harder to press down

…it almost certainly means that you’re due for the BG Brake Service.

BG Battery Service: Prevent Roadside Breakdowns

Battery failure, next to overheating, is one of the leading causes of roadside breakdowns. It’s one thing to have a breakdown when the weather is nice—inconvenient, sure, but probably not particularly dangerous. In the winter it’s a whole different story, and can even be life threatening in particularly cold regions of the country.

The BG Battery Services are a series of full-service maintenance tasks that make sure your battery is ready to tackle the cold months—and if it’s time for a battery replacement, your auto technician will be able to let you know with confidence. Whether you need your terminals protected or sealed, fluid added, or leaks detected and fixed, these services will keep you on the road when it matters the most.

Learn more about your vehicle’s battery in our informative post The Top 7 Things You Must Know About Your Car Battery.

bg brakes service information

BG Quick Cure Headlight Restoration Service: An Easy & Affordable Visibility Service

An integral part of our night driving kit recommendations, the BG Quick Cure Headlight Restoration Serviceis one of the most important maintenance appointments you can have before the winter months when visibility is at an all time low, especially if you’re caught in the rain or the snow while driving.

This headlight restoration service removes the inevitable buildup of oxidation on the protective layer of your headlights. Excess oxidation, dirt, and other debris on your headlights will cause them to look cloudy and yellow. While driving at night, you’ll be able to tell that your headlights are putting out significantly less illumination. The BG Quick Cure Headlight Restoration Service not only fixes this common problem, it prevents it thanks to the inclusion of anti-UV and anti-yellowing agents in the product.

If you’re more of a DIY’er, BG also makes the components used in this service available as a handy kit you can use yourself. It’s a great product to keep in your garage.

Learn More About Safe Winter Driving With BG Services, Inc.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the services discussed here today so that you can enjoy enhanced winter driving safety, please feel encouraged to seek our your local BG certified automotive center. BG certified auto shops have been specifically trained to use BG products to give you the best possible vehicle performance.

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If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us. Safe travels!

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