When there is transmission failure, the likely cause is breakdown of automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

BG’s various lines of transmission products, include high quality ATF. Our ATF will stand the test of time. Which means no more worry about transmission failure due to poor, broken-down transmission fluid.

We’ve heard people say transmissions are only good for a certain number of miles. We here at BG Minnesota know that this does not have to be the case!

Most often, lack of fluid protection is the number one cause for transmission failure at an early age. Performing a BG Transmission Service at regular intervals can help prevent your transmission from sticking, shuddering and even breaking down!

By performing a BG Transmission Service every 30,000 miles (50,000 km), you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are taking care of your vehicle properly. What is peace of mind worth to you? Isn’t worth it to keep one of the hardest working components of your vehicle shifting smoothly and effortlessly? Not to mention that you can be sure of many more trouble-free miles than you ever expected!

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