Why Automotive Shops Need to Upgrade to BG SmartVMA to Keep Up With the Competition

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We’ve talked a lot on the blog about how important it is that owners of businesses in the automotive service industry give their employees the best tools to work with.

One of those tools is the BG SmartVMA, software that helps your staff go the extra mile for your customers in service, accuracy, and care. VMA stands for Virtual Maintenance Advisor, which is exactly what the SmartVMA software does—provides lightning-fast, personalized maintenance service recommendations on-the-fly for your staff, who can then confidently present their findings to your customers.

Let’s take a closer look at how the SmartVMA software works and what it can do for your automotive service industry business.

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More Accurate Service Recommendations are a Tap Away

SmartVMA really is “smart” in the sense that the maintenance services it recommends are more than just “general” recommendations, they’re fully personalized for the customer in question. The software takes into account the make, model, mileage, and history of the vehicle, in addition to any inspection data that has been specifically entered.

This enables your staff to offer incredibly accurate maintenance service recommendations to your customers, sometimes even finding tasks that need to be completed that other shops would completely gloss over—perhaps not even through any fault of their own—and that’s how this software can give you a substantial edge over them.

Furthermore, the SmartVMA software can even provide your techs with a multi-point inspection plan designed specifically for the vehicle that the customer brought in. With so many cars and trucks on the market, this can help techs avoid forgetting common areas to inspect during an appointment.

When accurate maintenance services are recommended and implemented, the chances of increasing customer satisfaction go way up. Have you ever had a customer come back to your shop after a week or two, complaining that there’s something wrong with their vehicle again? The BG SmartVMA software can help you prevent these occurrences, since you’ll be more likely to preemptively recommend the services that the customer needs before they become a major problem for them. Your staff will love the software almost as your customers.

Speaking of which, let’s now examine how the BG SmartVMA software can help you improve customer service even more than in the ways that we’ve already discussed.

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Customer Service Through Real-Time Education, Better Scheduling, and Perfectly Timed Followups

One of the biggest hurdles most automotive service industry businesses have to overcome is the process by which they educate their customers. Customer education—in other words, the degree to which the customer understands why their vehicle needs a certain maintenance service, repair, or other kind of general upkeep—can mean the difference between making a sale and losing a customer (perhaps forever).

The BG SmartVMA can help your techs educate customers with the on-board information that staff members can present to customers, including consumer education videos. This will help answer the most common question of all—“Why do I need this service?” in a clear and concise manner. Incidentally, this has the added benefit of making things easier for your techs as well.

Scheduling can be improved with the BG SmartVMA software as well. The platform helps you book appointments and can send automated reminders to customers via email or text. This means that fewer customers will miss their appointments, and your staff can be prepared in advance, knowing exactly what to expect for the rest of the day when they arrive to work in the morning.

Finally, the SmartVMA software can even send follow-ups to your customers, if desired. This can be customized based on the customer themselves, the type of service provided, or other factors. These followups will improve customer service by showing that your business really cares about the health of their vehicle, and can open the door to return trips.

The SmartVMA really is an “assistant” in every sense of the word.

How You Can Improve Your Business Too

Many automotive service industry businesses throughout the country are already using the BG SmartVMA software to enhance their businesses.

The key factors that help them do this are:

  • The automated followup features
  • Improved customer loyalty thanks to the educational features of the software—customers actually understand why you recommend a given maintenance service
  • Easily streamline common business processes with the right tools, such as appointment setting, automated reminders, and more.

That, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg for the many benefits the BG SmartVMA software can bring to your business. If you’d like to learn more about what it can do for you, please feel free to visit the official BG SmartVMA product description page. If you’d like to learn more about this software and how you can implement it into your own business, please feel free to contact us today.

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